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Carrier Cover

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Essential sun protection
Allow your baby to take cover under the sun and away from elements like dust or rain with our Carrier Cover. Light, breathable fabric keeps your baby cool and comfortable while an exterior UV coating ensures protection from harsh sun rays. The best thing about our open-close baby covering? You can play games of peek-a-boo anywhere with your baby.
For nap and playtime
An on-the-go must-have

A universal fit
Our Carrier Cover features an elastic base band and convenient snap cover to attach in place to any baby carrier. Ultra-stretch fabric also goes the extra mile for a snug fit.

Catchin’ Z’s, uninterrupted
The velcro and button closures of the covering allow you to check on your little one without waking him or her up.

From beach to park and beyond
Wherever you go, you little one can come along too — and stay protected. Block out sun rays, mosquitos, and irritants in the wind and air with our Carrier Cover.

No installing + removing everywhere you go
Keep the cover on for your little one but keep moving — our Carrier Cover features a wide top opening to allow your carrier handle to stick out.
Wash the shield
Our Carrier Cover is hand- and machine-washable for low maintenance.
Breathe and keep cool
The lightweight fabric of our cover allows maximum breathability for your baby while keeping out heat for safe sun cover on the hottest of days.
Made from love & ingenuity
Lulyboo is an award-winning brand of ergonomic lounge, blankets, and on-the-go comfort accessories to make travel and everyday demands of modern life easier for babies (and their parents). Discover all the ways Lulyboo can add charm and convenience to your life today.
About Lulyboo

LulyBoo is the culmination of love and ingenuity. LulyBoo was created by Pazit Ben-Ezri, a mother of four looking to simplify her life and comfort her babies. Pazit’s first lounge was made in her kitchen, mostly with household items. From these humble beginnings, grew what is now LulyBoo, and its wide array of stylish, high-quality lounges and other travel baby accessories. LulyBoo products wrap babies comfortably in love, while giving you the convenience you need for an active daily routine. These are products for the modern family. The LulyBoo line of signature products and accessories provides the ease of portability, without sacrificing your baby’s comfort or safety. These versatile products are designed by a mom, so simplicity and functionality come first. Whether you’re going to the park, the supermarket, or even to another country, Lulyboo creates a special place your baby can call home, wherever you take them.

  • This worked great

    A***n on Jun 08, 2022

  • I love the fabric. It is super soft and comfortable. The fabric itself is very stretchy which comes in handy for my active 6 months old- it does help to keep him and I covered while nursing.

    A***a on May 26, 2022

  • This is by far one of the best mom products out there!!

    S***a on Aug 25, 2022

  • Soft, lightweight, perfect mask for babies if you need to go out and don’t want them exposed.

    S***n on Jul 08, 2022

  • Cute and oh so usable!

    M***a on Jul 15, 2022

  • This car seat cover is the cutest. I’ve gotten many compliments, plus the quality is great.

    A***a on Apr 23, 2022

  • One of the best cover-ups I've found to date. Would recommend to anyone who needs a multi-function garment.

    L***l on Jun 16, 2022

  • Love this car seat cover! It is so pretty and very soft, perfect for our little one!

    R***d on May 27, 2022

  • Really beautiful & great quality!

    E***a on Jun 20, 2022

  • Loved this! Stretched perfectly over my son’s car seat & was super lightweight but also made it dark enough for naps on the go. Plus, the pattern is adorable.

    J***e on Apr 02, 2022

  • Sturdy and durable make; the bottom button is metal and snaps together tightly. Some of the photos make the solid part seem like a beige color, but rest assured the patterned and solid sections both have the same color light gray! I loved it even more in person. One minor downside is that if the canopy is opened, the Velcro portion can stick to nearby fabrics such as a muslin blanket, so one would have to make a point to try and flip it out of the way somehow.

    G***e on Mar 20, 2022

  • I love it because of how everything nowadays is, we use it as an extra precaution. Make sure to wash with like colors

    M***n on Aug 14, 2022

  • It works great with my maxi cosi car seat and as a breast feeding cover!! the hat is an added bonus! i love the design as well.

    S***n on Mar 29, 2022

  • We have a Doona car seat/stroller and we use this to keep the sun out of the babies eyes. It works great, been using it for about a month. Its gender neutral and that was part of the reason I got it. the quality of the fabric is pretty good and the dinosaurs on it keep the toddler happy too. Usually I have him put it on the stroller before we head out.

    D***n on May 25, 2022

  • Stretchy and snug

    M***y on Apr 15, 2022

  • Long-lasting and adorable

    E***d on Jun 14, 2022

  • Had to change the Velcro after some time, but otherwise great product!

    C***e on May 22, 2022

  • Cute, stretchy fabric. This is going to be adorable when I can use it.

    P***n on Apr 10, 2022

  • Have to buy another one for my other baby

    W***n on Apr 06, 2022

  • We get lots of compliments on our cover. Material is soft and does well when machine washed. I've washed it about 3 times now and its maintained its color.

    S***a on May 24, 2022

  • For what I needed it for it works well. Good material, and functionality.

    N***w on May 29, 2022

  • Cute product

    H***a on Jun 07, 2022

  • Material nice and soft and definitely stands out

    E***t on Aug 26, 2022

  • Love this. So easy to put on. I like how easy it is to see my child while she is in the car seat.

    P***l on Aug 15, 2022

  • Almost 2 months in and still looks great. But recommend washing it with like colors because it’s impossible to return it to the initial color.

    G***y on Jun 17, 2022

  • I absolutely love this car seat cover! It fits perfectly to my Chicco car seat. Lightweight, breathable fabric. So much better than the Muslin blankets that I used to use to cover the car seat!

    S***t on Mar 22, 2022

  • Baby happy and safe

    E***t on Aug 04, 2022

  • Keeps strangers away from our newborn, while allowing us to still keep an eye on him. Also great for shade on sunny days. Very happy!

    S***g on Apr 28, 2022

  • Super cute! It also has a really nice soft texture and stretch to it.

    S***r on Apr 21, 2022

  • Amazing

    on May 01, 2022

  • Wish it was tighter but still works just fine

    M***y on Mar 29, 2022

  • Keeps my baby safe.

    B***y on Aug 06, 2022

  • One of the best covers I’ve had.

    J***r on Mar 09, 2022

  • I’ve tried many covers from other brands, but this hands down the best one so far! The frequent problem I had is that it didn’t fit different car seats and was either small or the elastics ripped after a few times. This one however is very durable and fits different seats and carriers. The design is lovely, even though it’s light it washes easily and looks like new. Another thing I like about it is the soft Velcro. The material is breathable and soft, great protection from the sun. The opening is wide enough so I can see my baby through the driving mirror.

    C***y on Apr 06, 2022

  • What a great purchase! My baby has a really strange reaction to the sun – he often sneezes when the light’s too bright, which makes our walks harder and not that long and enjoyable. So I was looking for something that would solve that problem. And this is the one! Our picnics are so much better now: the baby’s safe and I can always check up on him, the opening is wide enough for that. It fits perfectly on my carrier and doesn’t slip throughout the day. The Velcro is soft yet strong, so the baby doesn’t even hear it being opened. Washes easily, doesn’t lose its shape.

    E****a on Apr 09, 2022

  • This is a very good quality canopy. I like that its fitted and snug around the carseat. I had a Summer Infant carseat canopy 4yrs ago and loved that it hugs the carseat and doesn't blow around in the wind or lift. It's secured by a button in the front on the bottom and easy access velcro strips on the front to keep an eye on your baby. The material of this Lulyboo canopy is really durable. I have 2 canopies on 2 different size car seats proving to fit one than one size car seat! It also washes well in washing machine, I’d recommend a delicate mode, even though the material is strong.

    B***y on Aug 02, 2022

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